CS-GO Update Notes 13.06.2017

  • [ MISC ]

    – Added a public WebAPI ICSGOServers_730/GetGameMapsPlaytime/v1 to allow community map creators to track play statistics of Operation Hydra maps in Casual and Competitive game modes. [details]

    – Windows dedicated server executable can now handle large >2GB addresses.

    – Replaced cl_teamid_overhead with sv_teamid_overhead, which is now a server convar.

    – Added concommand itemtimedata_print_and_reset, which prints all current item time data and resets it.

    – Changed item time data server log format to more closely match other server log entries.


    – Added ability to select Wargames to match into, accessible from the Custom menu in the Mission panel.

    – Added ability to vote into maps while playing Wargames.

    – Added “next map” or “random other Wargame” vote to end of match in Wargames.

    – Updated Wargames maps.