CS-GO Update Notes 06.06.2017


    * Added listing of some gamemodes in Twitch.tv CS:GO header in addition to maps.


    * Fixed various bugs

    * Added Hydra competitive rank display to lobbies & nearby lobby display for Hydra modes.

    * Flying Scoutsman: Increase sv_airaccelerate from 477 to 20000

    * Stab Stab Zap: Replaced dust2 with shorttrain

    [ MAPS ]

    * Fixed fade-to-black bug in Deathmatch on cs_insertion

    * Updated de_shipped to latest version from mapmakers

    * Fixed a regression in lighting for old community maps that interacted badly with new lighting features. Newer maps with lighting problems can be fixed by recompiling them in Hammer.

    * Added player clipping above boxes at CT spawn in de_shortdust to prevent visibility in unintended areas

    [ MISC ]

    * Added more back-end UI work in preparation for Panorama switch. Please report any new UI bugs to csgoteamfeedback@valvesoftware.com

    * Fixed tickrate-dependence in spray patterns for fast-firing weapons. Thanks SlothSquadron & friends!

    * Fixed incorrect skin tones on some player gloves

    * Fixeded a bug where 2v2 scoreboard would show round win icons for the first half on the wrong side after halftime

    * Updated Operation Hydra gamemode names used in Rich Presence