CS-GO Update Notes 24.05.2017

    – Enabled friends competitive leaderboards, scorecards, Hydra Campaign Guardian Missions, and War Games Event XP support on Perfect World official servers.
    – Prevent procedural placement of spawn points in locations where players would be stuck.
    – War Games maps now change every day.
    – Fix a bug where suicides could sometimes count towards the objective in Guardian missions.
    – Fix a bug in “Any Pistol” Guardian missions that prevented CZ75-Auto kills from counting towards the objective.
    – Fixed a bug where Guardian journal would show wrong target kill amounts on certain missions
    – Fixed a bug that caused players to not be able to buy between waves in extremely long Guardian rounds.
    [ UI ]
    – Fixed numbering of players in competitive spectator HUD to have increasing numbers from top to bottom for both teams.
    [ MISC ]
    – Fixed max round loss bonus regression.
    [ MAPS ]
    –Added npc clips to prevent bots falling in the water.